Our Vision

School children in Nepal after the earthquake

Nepal Earthquake Response

Care for Nepal was founded in response to the devastating April 2015 earthquake that struck Nepal, claiming thousands of lives and destroying homes, schools, and businesses.

Our mission is to protect and empower those hardest hit by the earthquake so they can survive future natural disasters. We have two areas of focus:

Protection. We will build and retrofit structures to withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters. We do this by partnering with international agencies and Nepali community leaders to retrofit schools so they protect children during an earthquake and can serve as a disaster shelter after a crises has occur. When not in use as a disaster shelter, the structures can become the heartbeat of the community, serving as a community center for public gatherings, sports facility, and a training venue for adults and children. We will also build new disaster shelters when needed to serve this need for safe haven and community resource center.

Empowerment. We will provide disaster response training to increase the survival rate and sense of control when calamity strikes. There is very little guidance provided today in Nepal as to what to do during an earthquake or in its aftermath. We plan to bridge this gap by developing a disaster preparedness curriculum that is relevant and executable by those leaving in rural areas of Nepal through the collaboration with other leading international non-profit organizations such as Red Cross, Geo-Hazards, and the National Society for Earthquake Technology – Nepal (NSET).

Care for Nepal Approach

We partner with local experts, community leaders, international organizations, and specialists in the United States and Nepal to ensure that we will have a positive and lasting impact on the people in the region.

We are honored and humbled by the trust others have given us and are committed to realizing our mission of protecting and empowering the people of Nepal.

With more than $43,000 raised to our goal of $200,000 and $0 spent on operational expenses, we are well positioned to start delivering on our mission and ensuring that raised funds directly go to our cause.

But we can’t do it without you. Please join us. Together we can save lives and give a sense of control to those that most desperately need it.